Architecture - Project #10700

Project #10700 are land development projects belong to everyone with desires in their lifestyles to customise their residential or commercial architectural projects in Japan and Okinawa. With the maximum flexibility in the design and collaboration process, the possibilities are unlimited. No matter in building your vacation home, investing in the hospitality industry or expanding your business footprints to Japan, Project #10700 will be the first step to begin your great journey.

Okinawa Designature, Japan

Designature is a compact commercial block to promote designers and artisans in Asia, there will be a composition of retail stores for fine selected designers products and crafts, and an office area for management and design exchange events. With this establishment, there will be another worth-going leisure point for anyone who visits the island.

Yomitan Designature.jpg

Zakimi Panorama Residence, Japan

On the top of Zakimi hill over looking to the East coast of Okinawa, the Zakimi Panorama Residence is a simple yet functional 2-story housing for a family of three, the view is the gem and everything inside the house are kept minimal to truly experience the beauty of surrounding nature and the depth of Okinawan lifestyle.