Novum West, Hong Kong

Using design to get more than what you own. Novum West is a luxury development located in Sai Wan with stunning view and this 200sq ft studio apartment is a combination of productive home office, relaxing yoga studio, chef and deli showcase and me-time reading corner. The zoning and storage solutions are practical according to the owner’s lifestyle while the textured feature glass and imported real leather in coral colour are just delivering their beauty in the air. As an international interior design consultant, we imagine, we craft and we deliver. That’s the value of Design.

Kai Tak Residence, Hong Kong

Living under the ever growing property nanolization in Hong Kong, we don’t have to compromise for the quality of our living space. Turning a studio apartment in Kai Tak into a decent two-bedroom design to accommodate a family of four was challenging but ended up with satisfied results. Well defined zoning, bright and airy for all areas, enclosable open kitchen, additional storage space, all got delivered from the wish list.

Villa Lake Como, Shanghai, China

A two-storeys luxury villa shown a timeless and sophisticated design. A harmony and peaceful colour scheme for the living room and a custom chandelier with dynamic form over hanged in the void above the dining area to enrich the vertical space. The three bedrooms upstairs were designed for users in different age groups and each of them had its unique style, a fresh and bright single room for kid, a cool and stylish double bedroom for parents and a clam and elegant master bedroom for the grandparents.

Huangshan Water View Apartment, China

This is a service apartment which our leader involved in design coordination and project management. It celebrated its natural surroundings with a beautiful park-like setting and was designed to create a refined lifestyle for its residents and guests. It respected traditional Chinese architecture by reinterpreting it with clean and simple lines that appeal to modern tastes and incorporates water elements and walking bridges to complete the effect. The overall design was serene, sophisticated, and distinctly Chinese. This design philosophy was carried throughout the interior concepts as well. (Design credits to DLI )