La Splendeur, Hong Kong

With a modern and abstract approach, the model gallery redefines the journey of Alice in the Wonderland for, the sales office. It creates an unforgettable and sensational promotion experience for visitors. With elegance and exclusivity, this sales office delivers luxury in all areas including multimedia presentation halls, a clubhouse, tower model zones, and a spacious sales hall.

The Beaumount, Hong Kong

A bold and fashionable design which beaten the traditional impression of a luxury showflat to attract young professionals. Bright, energetic colour palette together with modern designer lightings and furniture was introduced in the design, with an accent of reddish orange marble and pearl leather-panelled feature wall, this showflat defined modern and young taste.

Oriental Financial Centre, Shanghai, China

A show flat which located in a commercial area and demonstrated the possibility to turn the property into a home office. Featured a three metres wide full height wine cellar in the living area with temperature and humidity control, a dining room with flexible setting to become a conference room, an open kitchen with bar and a spacious ensuite master bedroom, this show flat fulfilled all the needs for living and working without compromising the quality of lifestyle.